The Elite has an HDMI output. 120G B of storage and. if you shop around, a sub-20k price tag. It's still prone to failure, lacks Wi-Fi - an adaptor costs Rs 4,000 - and boasts about the same size and noise levels as a bus, but thanks to a firmware update, the interface is now smoother and slicker.

Hooked up to an HD screen - the larger the better - games look little short of awesome, equalling the PS3 despite Sony's console being allegedly more powerful The 1080p upscaling seems more gimmicky than necessary, though. Titles increasingly appear on both consoles, but big exclusives like Gears of War 2 and C.o.D Modern Warfare 2 plus a larger back catalogue give the Elite the edge. A recent update also made it compatible with games from the original Xbox.

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Many new titles have to be played online to get the full benefit. and Xbox Live still serves up a better experience than the PS3. You pay around Rs 3k a year for the pleasure but it's worth it. with endless online rivals for your self-designed avatar to fight. and party chat so you can talk to pals across different games. You can also download free trials or buy full games.

The Xbox Elite can't compete with the PS3 on AV extras, but it does work as a decent music and video streamer. You can also download HD movies, although quality is not a match for Blu-ray seen on the Sony PS3. The Xbox beats the PS3 for gaming and, if you don't mind networking via ethernet. cost. The PS3 is undeniably more versatile, though.