Panasonic presents a novel entry-leveldigital camera, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-F3, which has been plannedwith simpleness in mind, without looking across the vital of fashionand functioning. The 12.1-Megapixel Panasonic Lumix F3 has anattractive 4x optical zoom, viewing its little size, as well asPanasonicís shooting-helper, Auto Scene Way.

The Panasonic DMC-F3 even recordsdynamic High Definition video in 1280 x 720p, at a polish 30 fps, inextra to WVGA (848 x 480) and general VGA (640 x 480). Moreover, thePanasonic F3 is outfitted on a 28mm broad-angle lens, ahigh-sensitivity CCD, and an Extra Optical Zoom function whichbroadens zoom power to 7.8x.

In the Auto Scene Mode, advancedsensing purposes work automatically and at the same time to optimizeyour settings, creating it simpler as compare to ever to bringbeautiful photos each time. It have Intelligent ISO Control to findsubject movement, Face Detection AF/AE to find faces in the frame andIntelligent Scene Selector to find scene cases. In extra, the DMC-F3have Digital Image Stabilizer to find hand-shake and Digital Red-eyeCorrection 1 to see of the red-eye effect that frequently occurs whenshooting on a flash.

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The 12.1-megapixel DMC-F3 boasts a 28mm broad-angle 4x optical zoom lens on f/2.8 brightness. The 28mmbroad-angle lens allows you simply click large groups of peopleindoors or expansive architectural structures and scenes on dynamicwidth and rich perspective.

The 4x optical zoom lens clicksbeautiful shots of people or landscapes with 12.1-megapixel completeresult. Apply the Additional Optical Zoom when you expect to pull thesubject in only a small closer. It broadens the 4x optical zoom ratioto 7.8x at results of 3 megapixels or less, by applying the centralpart of the CCD.

The DMC-F3's large 2.7-inch LCD boastshigh 230,000-dot result Intelligent LCD. It automatically sets thebrightness in 8 steps according to shooting conditions. This LCDsupplies sharp, clear images in virtually everything shootingsituations, scoping from nighttime to bright daylight scenes. And itallows you contribute the fun of considering images on family andfriends. The High-angle Mode produces the screen very simple toconsider from a low angle.

The DMC-F3 can record motion images inhigh-definition. The pixel assorted readout method enables brightmotion-image recording also in low-light settings. The DMC-F3 caneven record full-size motion images in WVGA or standard motion imagesin VGA and QVGA .