Nikon adds a novel super-zoom digitalcamera to its Lifestyle Series of digital cameras. The 16-megapixelNikon Coolpix L810, successor to the Coolpix L120, acquires closer tothe action as compared to ever, thanks to a 26x extreme broad-angleoptical zoom lens. On a super-zoom lens and 720p movie recording, theNikon Coolpix L810 proffers great technology that is simple-to-applyto create certain memorable moments are reliably captured.

Easy Auto mode optimizes everythingsettings according to the light you are in, creating shootingeffortless. The classic-looking Nikon Coolpix L810 camera proffers alarge scope of advanced photo technologies, creating it like simpleas it is fun to capture beautiful photos.

The novel Nikon Coolpix L810 is eachdigital camera you will ever require. Get closer as compared to youthought possible and bring any picture, anywhere, with the incredibleNikkor 26x very broad-angle optical zoom lens with 22.5585 mmscope. Fit the biggest building into the picture on amazing broad-angle, or capture dolphins from far away with the powerfultelephoto. The Nikon L810 camera is even outfitted with an Easy Automode, which will take care of all the camera settings for you.
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Contempt its compact size, the NikonCoolpix L810 is outfitted with a CCD image sensor on an effectivepixel count of 16.1 megapixels. The camera proffers the same formthat backups a firm, steady grip and side zoom control that haveproduced last Nikon Coolpix L-series digital cameras too famous fortheir high performance. The slope zoom lever of the Nikon L810ensures smooth, steady zooming during the complete focal range, bothin video mode as when capturing however photos.

Nikon issued a pair of sample photoswith its Imaging website. Download the Nikon L810 test photos tojudge the image standard yourself. The Nikon L810 is the firsthigh-power zoom model in the Coolpix L series to be outfitted with alens-shift vibration reduction (VR) function. This enableshigh-precision optical camera shake compensation that can even beapplied with movie recording.

In the meantime four automaticanti-blur functions on the Nikon Coolpix L810 hold every your shotssharp and looking great. As motion detection, to compensate forcamera and subject movement, and the Best Shot Selector (BSS) selectsthe sharpest of till ten sequential shots. In extra, the Nikon L810proffers high ISO light sensitivity for sharper images in low light.