Cameras these days arrive withvirtually each characteristic imaginable - there are models on GPScapabilities, ones that are waterproof, shockproof, are pocket-sized,and the list never ends. Samsung thinks that people who enjoy toshoot self portraits require a unique camera and for that extremereason, there is the Samsung dual-view camera.

Constructing up from this concept ofphoto capture, Samsung has released the MV800, a multi-view camera,which the company claims that lets one to capture images fromvirtually each angle by applying its flip-out screen.

When the Samsung MV800 arrived at ourlabs, we were pleasantly wondered like to how slim the camera reallywas. Dressed in a matte black finish, this point and shoot feels likefashionable, like it is compact. The front of the camera features thelens that occupies a majority of this area. Other design features ofthe camera at the front include an AF assist as well as an LEDflash.

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The back of the camera characteristics the 16:9, 3-inchcapacitance LCD touchscreen display that blushes along the body ofthe camera. Its plan is actually good, affording it a feel of few ofthe mid to high-end smartphones detected in the market these days.There are just two buttons detected at the rear and these are thehome button and the playback button. The buttons feel rich and thecircular plan plus to the class factor of the camera.

The top of the camera characteristicsthe shutter free button that is placed with the within of the zoomrocker as well as the power button, which when with is surrounded byan LED indicator. Connectivity alternatives for the camera lie in abay located at the slope of this shooter and they have an HDMI portand a USB port. The battery bay placed with the underneath of thecamera houses the Micro SD card slot also.

The mostinteresting plan of the camera is its flip out screen. The completedisplay is able to be tilted out. But, dis-similar few of the othercameras available in the market, Samsung has placed the hinge at thetop thereby creating it possible to be tilted up and above thus thatone can simply bring self portraits. This can be done by applying asecond shutter free button placed underneath the display. The otherslope of the display has a textured complete holding in line on thefashionable feels of the camera. The hinge looks sturdy and can stayat the position it is left in. This lets it to even be applied like astand, though considering content from the camera.