Sony has never failed to plan itsmodels in a distinct pattern. The cameras that it supplies are notjust distinct, but even boast great inbuilt qualities which bring itto the top-most level in the camera market. Therefore far, SonyCybershot has ruled in the camera market, but today as per the adventof novel technologies and rising challenges, many people have shiftedfrom Cybershot to other coolest digital cameras. Thus, we have pickedup Sony Cybershot DSC-M1 which has acquired fashion and beautifulplan along with powerful performance. Read the full review toexperience how good this novel digital camera is from Sony.

It has received eye-catching plan andis big in size. It flaunts its 2.5 inches of LCD screen. It proffersgood result of snapshot boast and delivers nice image quality. Itsvideo recording even proffers great quality for a combo unit. Theperformance is extremely nice.

Sony Cybershot DSC-M1 is a 5.1megapixel camera which is so soon a winner in the market because ofits amazing feels and presentation. What is best in this camera isits rapid performance on 5.1MP result which is a good alternative forthose who can not live without the brand name Cybershot. Still, ifyou are among st those Cybershot freaks, you should experience theflaws like considerable of this camera earlier creating any buy.

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In today is market, there are multiplebrands available that offer more than what this camera is proffering.Like considerable, what creates it stand out of the competition isits only 5MP of camera result which in other digital cameras is more.Too camera phones get with more megapixels of result or minimum 5MPwhich affords nice choices to users who believe that it is be betterto go on camera phones instead of only 5MP digital cameras. On theother hand, the integration of Sony’s technology with the SonyCybershot DSC-M1 has created this digital camera to perform better.

Its superior camera facilitates you topoint-and-shoot subjects and experience nice performance from thiscamera. The movie quality that it supplies is MPEG-4 which is amongthe top boasts in this competitive market. The M1 holds ahigh-capacity memory stick duo pro media which is add slope, but onemajor flaw is the sub par software which burdens the M1.

Sony Cybershot DSC-M1 comes in arectangular box shape, affording point and shoot digital camera boastwhich is in high demand these days. The M1 has received a brushedblack metal surface and affords better handling. It feels good inhand and weighs 7.5 ounces along with battery and media installed.

The camera is fairly bulky, but doesnot afford any feeling of cheap feel neither it creates you tired ofmanaging a bulky item during longer shoots. One charming thing aboutthis camera is its one-handed grip plan that affords you full accessto hold it only enjoy a mobile phone. There is no optical finder, butits 2.5 inches of LCD display rotates 360 degrees, enabling you toshoot or click all right from self-portraits/videos to upside-downmacro shots.