Like bruited at least a year ago,Pentax was not just designing the tiny Pentax Q, but a secondmirror-less camera on a larger sensor. And here it is: the PentaxK-01. Said to have an update of the sensor from the excellent PentaxK-5, the K-01 is even marked by a distinct modern plan. On a16-megapixel sensor capable of shooting 1080p video, andbody-depended image stabilization, the Pentax K-01 is prettyup-to-date in the specifications department. Because the K-01 appliesan APS-C sensor and accepts standard K-mount lenses, the plan is alot thicker as compared to most of the competition, like you canwatch in the top shot under.

Appearing into its deepness's on thelens off, it is instantly obvious why the Pentax K-01 is too thick:The company had to hold the same rear focus distance for the existinglenses, and the lack of a mirror creates it appear deeper as comparedto most. Other mirror-less producers have selected to make a novellens mount and a whole novel scope of lenses to let for a shorterrear focus distance, and so made what we call a compact system camera(CSC). Pentax favored to hold compatibility on their existing lensline although easily removing the mirror mechanism from the equation.Like on the Q, Pentax has thought outside the box, and they may havemissed the cause companies commenced producing mirror-less cameras:to create the including all camera and its lenses smaller.

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Watching the camera in person, as wellas holding it, you do not acquire rather the same impression thesephotos afforded. For a mirror-less camera, the Pentax K-01 is large,heavy, and chunky. It is about as wide as the Olympus E-P3, butrather a bit thicker, at 2.3 inches compared to the E-P3's 1.4inches. Dimensions are 4.8 x 3.1 x 2.3 inches and weight is 19.8ounces with a battery and card, just 1.3 ounces lighter as comparedto the Pentax K-r.

The mainly 40mm kit lens that ships onit, displayed above right, is rather slim and light, weighing only1.8 ounces. The bold, broad curves and large elements do not do muchto create the Pentax K-01 appear smaller, either. Going above thecontrols, the crop up flash button is with the left, the largealuminum-alloy Mode dial is only right of the small flash housing. Analuminum-alloy control dial is behind that, lay by green as well asred multi-function buttons that can be customized through the ButtonCustomization menu, and the EV button.

The red button is for movie recordingby default, and the green button functions as the green-dot buttonwith Pentax SLRs, lately the photograph to what the meter would cullby default. The shutter button/power switch is almost the front,inset from the grip area. The yellow or black grip surfaces are softand tacky, and the cameras are usable in three color schemes atrelease, containing a white body on black grips, a black body onblack grips, or a black body on yellow grips, like watched at right.

The pop-up flash jumps up fairly highviewing the size of its silo, and the Mode dial is extreme tall,creating it simple to grip and turn. No matter what you think of itsfeels, the Pentax K-01 is straightforward to apply. Simplicity wasclearly the goal, and I think the planner, Marc Newson, attainedthat.