While outwardly it feels rather similarto its predecessor, the Sony NEX-5N has made instead a some inneralterations that are worthy of note. Its 16.1-megapixel EXMOR APS-Csensor is a slight update of the NEX-5's 14.2 megapixels, but thenews is the sensor's novel electronic first-curtain exposuremechanism, letting the NEX-5N to realize a pre focus lag time of just0.02 second.

The novel sensor and Bionz processor aswell let capture of Full HD video at 60p. A novel touchscreen plus asome functions, but does not serve to substitute any existingfunctions. The NEX-5N is as well the first NEX -- or compact systemcamera for that matter -- to achieve 10 frames per second at fullresult. The front of the NEX-5N is as well a little different, on aslight bevel behind the lens, where the company and Alpha logos nowlive. "5N" is as well stamped into the front of the gripnext to the shutter button.

The grip has a novel broader dimplepattern in place of the raised bump pattern. Other as compared tothose items, there is extreme little different with the front. The16mm f/2.8 lens is displayed mounted here, while it is not mountedwith the image under.

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The just major conflict from the top isa silver ring approximately the power switch , and the Playbackbutton is smaller, round, and with the back level instead of the topdeck. The three speaker holes have went throughout a few tenths of aninch.

Early as compared to the Playbackbuttons greater visibility from the back and the somewhat smallerSony logo, the back physical controls, appearance, and function areidentical to the Sony NEX-5.
Including all, it is the same cutesmall camera on few very cool novel tricks.

On a 3:2 facet ratio, the NEX-5N canrender maximum image dimensions of 4,912 x 3,264 pixels at fullresult. Two further 3:2 facet ratio resolutions are available: 3,568x 2,368 pixels, or 2,448 x 1,624 pixels. The NEX-5N as well suppliesa choice of three 16:9 facet ratio shooting modes, each of which hasthe same pixel width as its 3:2 facet counterpart, but with heightsof 2,760, 2,000 or 1,376 pixels respectively.

The Sony NEX-5N is depended about thecombination of a 16.1 megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS image sensor, andthe company's proprietary Bionz image processing engine. While theresolution is extreme close to that of the recent NEX-C3, the sensoris really novel developed. Total pixel count is some 16.7 megapixels,and the sensor's dimensions are 23.5 x 15.6mm, yielding a 1.5x focallength crop when compared to 35mm lenses. The NEX-5N's sensor has astandard RGB Bayer color filter.

The Sony NEX-5N proffers a very broadsensitivity scope of ISO 100 to 25,600 equivalents in one EV steps,on sensitivities among 100 and 3,200 equivalents available eitherbelow automatic or manual control. The remainder of the scope isusable only when chose manually. High ISO noise reduction cannot bedisabled altogether, but renders two adjustable operating strengths:Normal or Low.