So you have selected the excellent tripod to mount your DSLR on, but which tripod head should you purchase to go with it? Arrive to think about it, what type of tripod head is still excellent for you? This convenient instruction informs the dissimilar alternatives, to assist you determine which tripod head suits your requirement best.

The most classic, schematic photographic head is a three-way head. In the huge majority of cases, these have classify locking mechanisms for pan, tilt and swivel. A simpler type is a 2-way head, which deficiencies a swivel facility, but this is just really utilized for video cameras, where you would not require to shoot in portrait orientation.
With three-way tripod heads, you will frequently acquire three locking levers that elaborate from the head, although some other basic form is to have only two levers and a thumbscrew for locking off the swivel setting.

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Still so, extending levers are a pain when you are conducting the tripod around, so the common set is to unscrew one lever entirely and screw it into the other, angling them together downwards so they lie opposite to the folded tripod.

A ball head is the chief option to a 3-way head. Based on a ball-and-socket construction, these typically utilize an individual locking screw, which tightens to clamp the head in entire directions of setting.
Some examples characteristics an extra friction setting, so the head is not so floppy when you release the clamping screw. This is particularly helpful when you are utilizing big, heavy lenses.
Another characteristic in build in few ball heads is a break pan-only lock. This is neat if you are assuming a sequence of shots to stitch into a panorama, because you can keep tilt and swivel movements locked off and just permit panning setting.

The third kind of head is the so-called pistol or joystick type. This is truly a type on standard ball heads, since it even utilizes a ball-and-socket clamping activity.