The GoPro HD Hero2 boasts improved optics, a few new video- and still-photo-shooting modes, and backward compatibility with current HD Hero accessories. Most importantly, its interface has been overhauled and is now much easier to view and understand. As improved as it is, the Hero2's interface can still be a bit confusing for the first-time user.

The GoPro HD Hero2 is calmly the best GoPro camera yet, with the ruggedness and affection that we have appear to apprehend and a new convenient interface.

I have had a bit of a love-hate accord with the GoPro HD Hero that we have acclimated during the recording of the Car Tech Live podcast for the after most year or so. On the one hand, the Hero takes astounding wide-angle video, is ridiculously abiding acknowledgment to its polycarbonate shell, and (when you get the settings right) almost accessible to use. However, that aftermost bit is additionally my better point of altercation with the aboriginal few ancestors of the GoPro Hero cameras; I am a self-proclaimed architect who's recorded hours of footage application the HD Hero and I still accept to breach out the ailing

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accounting apprenticeship area to change any of the settings. More generally than not, I aloof leave the settings area I larboard them and aloof point and shoot.

So, while the latest era GoPro HD Hero2 landed on my desk boasting a develop interface, I determined to challenge myself to complete-test the machine without cracking the spine on its 90-page user manual.

Looking at the GoPro HD Hero2 ancillary by ancillary with the aboriginal HD Hero, reveals appreciably little change in the unit's anatomy factor. Both units are dimensionally identical and affection the aforementioned lens, ability button, bang button, and LCD awning placement. This agency that any waterproof cases or lens covers purchased for the HD Hero1 will still assignment with the HD Hero2, which is a acceptable affair for GoPro devotees. Likewise, both units affection the aforementioned rear angle and affiliation anchorage for GoPro's band of disposable BacPacs, which we'll altercate later.