As the world's most versatile camera praises manufacturer GoPro Hero on the current 3 series in addition to the tested top variant is also in a White and Silver Edition. At least 400 euros interested must currently spend on the camera flagship, which, as already its predecessor is aimed primarily at active athletes.

The scope of supply is therefore of relatively abundant. The Black Edition contains the actual camera or a waterproof housing to 60 meters, the wireless remote control, a charger, lithium-ion battery, USB cable, hook buckle and various fasteners. Also contains short quick-start guide, which reflect only the very coarse features. For detailed instructions, the manufacturer offers online. Desirable for a separate power supply would have been. So the camera is always on the USB port of the PC or Mac instructed.

To use all features of the GoPro Hero 3 to be able to recommend a software update. This was also the brand new prototype of necessary. The update process is a bit cumbersome and slow. In addition the installation of Java as well as providing your e-mail address is required.

As with the previous models are the dimensions of the camera module from very low. The only 77 gram and about 5.7 x 2.0 x 4.0 centimeters camera is robust, but has only three buttons with a limited operating comfort. A monochromatic and unfortunately not illuminated mini-display in the size of a thumbnail provides basic information on the selected mode of operation and provides information on the battery status. A live viewfinder does not provide the display. Various LEDs indicate among others the recording. Unlike the previous model, the Hero uses 3 on microSD card as a storage device which may have a maximum capacity of 64 gigabytes.

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The rest of the accessories are designed expedient. At the general build quality, there is not much fault. GoPro designed the camera parts and accessories for very technical, but strong and durable. Some parts such as the protective glass of the underwater housing can replace thanks threaded with a defect. The only additional Paid accessories are available for the GoPro series almost anything ambitious sportsmen and nature lovers need from various mounts on extra batteries, attachable LCD screens, microphone adapter to the tripod mount. The apps for iOS and Android are available for free.

Operation via the buttons few little getting used to and comfortable. After an acclimatization period, however, this goes quickly into flesh and blood. About the bottom button shimmy your way through the menu, the menu icons are displayed here on the front screen. Pressing the upper button to confirm a selection. GoPro retains its original operating concept of the Hero series anyone who has owned a previous model is therefore come to the quickly master.

Practically, the included wireless remote control, which also has a built in mini display for status indication. Especially if the GoPro mounted in inaccessible places such as at the end of the surfboard or on a motorcycle helmet, the user benefits from a small remote control. The remote mirrors complete the display of the camera. Even the layout of the controls is identical.

In the default setting the device a test detected many details wide angle which can be summed up in the system settings and close. Based on the selected quality setting it comes from and to dropouts during movie playback. This is due mainly to the part exotic shooting modes which are supported by the Hero 3rd Always focus on the fixed user can not influence.

The Black Edition on demand, an almost cinematic resolution. Lack of affordable playback devices such as projectors or televisions this function remains professionals mainly observed. This also annoyed about the possible frame rate of 15 frames per second, the maximum is in this mode. The recording of the faster moving objects is very limited.

An avtual sticking point at the far better GoPro Hero 3 is the modest battery life of the replaceable batteries. The lithium ion battery with a capacity of 3885 watt hours in the test was good with active Wi-Fi connection, an outside temperature of about three degrees Celsius and at a resolution of 1,080 elected for a period of only 78 minutes.

In warmer environments at lower resolution and deactivation of the radio module and higher terms are possible. A replacement or spare battery with the same capacity. Besides being tested at this point Black Edition offers the GoPro hero3 Also in the cheaper Silver and White Editions by the way the colors of entire models are identical, despite the confusing names. White Edition offers a reduced video resolution of up to 1080p and a photo resolution of up to five megapixels. The silver edition too captures video at a maximum of 1,080, land for snapshots with a resolution of up to eleven megapixels on the memory card. In both versions, you need to purchase the recommended remote control separately.