In the creatively amazing globe of the Fire Symbol Awareness game, you control and battle together with an military of energetic characters standing against an attacker with the power to eliminate empires; a dark monster whose agents include military of the immortal.

Strategy your strike, personalize your causes, and information your characters as you create alliances that enhance your take care of in battle and shape the course of history. Lead a group of unique figures with exclusive capabilities, rich back stories and changing connections that information the path of your pursuit. Strategy you're strike carefully the lives of your military as well as the future around the globe relies on it.

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The deep and immersion dream story is told through beautiful 3D graphics and movies. A massive choice of figures are at your control,withal with a exclusive personality as well as background tale and different class types and skills. An wide-ranging of down-loadable content will be available for buy and will offer opportunities to acquire new charts, new tale elements, new usable figures, new sessions, and unusual products and weaponry.

Create your own customized personality and battle together with brave figures on the battleground. Get together figures to enhance their connections on the battleground. The nearer they grow, the better these friends and companions will battle together. Some figures can even get married. Get together with your friend and battle against a group of opponents in the regional multiple player method.

The Street Pass feature allows you to exchange your group data. Hire or battle against the other participant's group or buy unusual products they might carry. The Spot Pass feature allows you to receive new charts, products and heritage figures to battle against in unique battle and regional multiple player mode.