Repeatedly these or other web sites, we reported on plans for the issuance of all types of miniature projectors, which could be integrated, for example, mobile phones and broadcast them with the image on any surface. Despite all the loud declarations of different manufacturers, mass product in the market so still not appeared. Maybe the new device, the corporation recently submitted 3 M, evoking the best fate. The company has developed a miniature video projector to be embedded into mobile phones capable of showing a picture of VGA-quality.

The basis of the projector is fairly compact and bright light, making the whole device dimensions do not exceed 1.3 see, however, if such a gadget miniatyurnosti 3 M promises picture quality is rather impressive: according to company representatives, the projector is able to transmit the image to VGA-quality that currently has no analogues and can be considered a record. It is reported that the diagonal image will reach 40 inches or more. According to Mike Cali, executive vice president M 3, the mobile projector reached "Finally, compactness, efficiency, reliability and image quality, which suggests a real emergence of a full-fledged new product."

In truth, very impressive characteristics. Nevertheless, considering any positive and negative aspects of this concept does not currently seem possible, given that it has not yet entered the market. Well, let's hope that all of the above properties gadget will be true, and wait for phone manufacturers which will present massive first model equipped with a mini video so, not long left. Indeed, it would be really such a good idea to become the owner of a miniature in size and not functional divaysa.

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