If it werenít for 2 exact facts, Alltel could very well acquire the waggle as the best Wireless Broadband carrier accessible however we canít disregard those facts. The first is that Alltel doesnít have its individual national exposure. True, it has been recognized to brag about having the major network in the U.S. but thatís derived from agreement with other carriers, remarkably Sprint.
The other certain fact regarding Alltel is that it has been obtained by Verizon Wireless and will moderately soon; finishes to exist on its hold. The synergy of the 2 companies could eventually be fine for them and for customers.
Weíve selected to leave Alltel in the series at this point because they do yet exist and though most Alltel consumers will mechanically become VZW consumers, there are some regions in which Verizon Wireless must strip itself of exacting holdings to fulfill with anti-trust provisions. Until those modifies are completely defined, we canít be certain of what will be accessible to important number of Alltel wireless consumers.

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