The Ascendo Fitness Calculators for BlackBerry application gives fast and simple calculations of some of the vital values in determining your health and physical safety. Basically, you just enter your height, weight, age and gender and the program does the rest.

Calculations offered by the application contain your healthy weight variety and ideal weight, Body Mass Index (BMI) and the dreaded Body Fat Percentage. The program can compute your Basal Metabolism Rate which is numerous calories you burn daily while doing nothing. You can also obtain a reading on numerous calories necessary to maintain, decrease or increase your weight. Thatís significant to recognize in order to figure how much food you should use and the amount of exercise you should be receiving. It will also tell you your maximum and target heart rates to help you acquire the most out of your exercise schedule.

Mainly, the calculators packaged as Ascendo Fitness Calculators are also fraction of the more comprehensive Ascendo Fitness application. While Ascendo Fitness doesnít contain a specific calculator for Calories requisite, it gives comparable information with its Daily Net Calories attribute. The Body Fat Percentage calculator is exclusive to Ascendo Fitness Calculators but it is just another way of expressing the value famous in the BMI.

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