StudentDocket offers an accessible use, logically planned task management program with the precise requirements of students in mind. Itís better than keeping track of myriad scraps of paper with random reminders or annoying to make do with a business-oriented project management program. StudentDocketís top down view starts with the making of classes from the main page. Load every class with information containing course name and location with scheduling particulars, curriculum necessities and notes specific to the class. Thereís also a place for teacher information resembling name, office hours and location, email address and phone number.

Large tasks such a main papers, exams and projects can be directed in logical steps assisted planning and assisting to keep you on schedule. For instance, a major task like a term paper could contain milestones like concept development, research, making an outline, first draft and final due date. Each can be managed with sovereign due dates culminating in the final product. A whole overview is obtainable by opening the project display.

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