The HD5850 is a very interesting proposiŽtion because cards on this GPU are genŽ
erally well priced, and offer good value for money. The performŽance level is also sufficient to drive most games on a resoluŽtion 00920 x 1200. The smaller size of the card and lower heat dissipation also makes CrossŽfire an option worth considering. Temperatures on idle were around 44 degrees.

Load temperatures hovered around the 60-degree mark. As compared to an ASUS ENGTX 285 graphic card (14,739 3D Marks), the card gave 15,868 in 3D Mark Vantage. The GPU score was 14,828 to 11,945 - a sure win for the newcomer. Here's a look at how it did in a few games, for reference we've added the GTX 285 as well We also got a score of 744 (29.5 fps) in Unigine's DX11 benchmark Heaven 2.0, TesŽsellation was set to normal. With Extreme Tessellation, the frames dip to 17.8 and the score falls to 448; all the while Anisotropic fi Itering was kept at 4x.

Not a bad showing at all, Call oj Pripyat managed a respectable average fps of 51.8 at 1920 x 1200, with 4x AA and DX11 enabled - this is pretty good. What isn't good, is the price - at Rs. 29,250, ASUS charges close to what a GTX 480 sells for, and well over Sapphire's HD 5870 - both better cards. Too much to pay for a premium brand tag.

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