A printer which is compact and delivers high speed rints is always desirable. Sam sung ML 1660 monochrome laser printer ful¬fills both these cri teria effortlessly. The ultra compact form factor for the printer is quite impres¬sive. Strategic glossy and matte finished plastic makes the printer quite an eye candy. It hasjust two buttons: power and print, on the left-hand side above which are present two status indicators.

Since it's a monochrome laser printer it comes with a single toner which is easily installed. The paper feeder tray is located at the base and the output collection tray in on the top of the printer. The tray quality is strictly OK. Since it is a no frills monochrome printer, it does not feature any memory card or USB slots. Neither does it have a network printing option. It has air only 8.2 seconds for a normal text print and the best quality text print took 8.7 secs. Printing a mixed document took 11.9 secs (Best quality) and 11.1 secs (normal quality). Continuous printing is also quite fast, and our 10 page print test took a mere 47 secs. Text print quality was quite good in both the modes, but mixed document tends to be printed lightly in the normal mode. Overall, quality is quite decent.

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