The 3D wave is in full swing and AV manufacturers from all across the globe are overhauling their products ranges to milk this cash cow. Speaking of making hay while 3D is shining, the guys who are in the best position to respond to this trend immediately, are those who manufacture AV receivers. With the availability of HDMIlA standards (which has the provision for transmission of 3D signal through HDMI), the only task left for them to do is to replace the existing HDMI 1.3 ports with HDMI1A and they can immediately start tagging their products as 3D ready.

And when it comes to AV receivers, Onkyo stays ahead of the rest. We reviewed their TX-SR608, an entry-level 3D ready receiver from the maestros. OUT OF THE BOX The very new 608 still retains both the black and silver look that Onkyo has been cladding its receivers in for a while now. The front fascia boasts of simplicity and functionality to the brim. A lot of you might find the front panel bright display also finds its place in the 608. It's bright yet subtle, which makes it easily readable even when it is pitch dark.

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Onkyo keeps upto its formulae of a relatively lighter body weight but at the same time, has provided a very robust and a long lasting cabinet for the receiverThe 608 has HDMllo4a onboard and apart from all the other improvements like an addition of an ethernet channel or 4K and 2K resolution support (higher than the current FullHD resolution of 1920p), an audio return channel, etc the most interesting implication of the HDMllo4 is that it makes the receiver 3D capable. So if you are one of those who are dreaming of bringing 3D home, the 608 might be of interest to you. It will come in handy when you have ample 3D content available in the market. Until then, there are some other special features on the 608 that might excite you like the ARC (Audio Return Channel).

The ARC enables the HDMI to carry signal both ways ie from the receiver to the TV and from the TV back to the receiver. This feature will come in handy if you are using a TV that has a built in tuner. So you can just route the TVs audio signal back to the receiver and enjoy the TV audio signal on our receiver instead of listening to the TV speakers. Just make sure that your TV supports ARC ie even your TV has a HDMI 104 port. The 608 can upscale any of your video signal (irrespective of the native resolution) to 1080p using the onboard Faroudja DCDi Cinema processor.