The CHT-10R consists of 4 models based on their driver size and amplification, going from S" to 15", with Class A/B amplifiers being employed for each of them except forthe 15R. which uses a more expensive Class D amp. The driver used in the lOR is a custom designed 'Extended Excursion' driver which is engineered with vented pole pieces that increase the poser handling and assuring long-term reliability.

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For the voice coil. dual layer copper has been used, which is specifically matched with a massive 2.5lbs magnet to provide exceptionally powerful dynamic bass. That's one of the reasons for all that weight. Velodyne has also installed their Distortion Limiting System in this cubical subwoofer, which is programmed into the DSP of the amplifier. It maximises usable amplifier power and provides maximum cone travel without overdriving the cone, in-turn preventing distortion at even the highest levels. With a lSOW amplifier, this little feature will come in handy when you drive the hell out of the subwoofer.

As for the cabinet itself, it is a front firing bass reflex design and are finished with fifteen coats of high-gloss, hand buffed, black lacquers. That translated directly into 'very long lasting'. The 'R' part of 'CHT-10R' stands for remote as previously mentioned, which in this case is a little guy that allows you to control the levels and pick four presets for efficient tuning of the subwoofer: movies, rock
music, jazz/classical and games. You don't' need to stick to these presets of-course, as they don't really take the room into consideration so positioning of the sub and manual tweaking is the best option.