The iPod Radio Remote is an iPod accessory that adds two interesting features to our players. First is a wired remote control that allows you to change song, change the volume and start and stop playback. Also by plugging this accessory to the iPod, you can listen to FM on your iPod.

The iPod Radio Remote is one of the few iPod accessories manufactured directly by Apple and there is no equivalent on other brands. The iPod Radio Remote is sold through Apple's distribution network and is also available at the Apple Store Online. Its price in the U.S. is $ 49, in Europe it sells for 49 Euros and Mexico to 629 Mexican pesos.

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This accessory can be used with various iPod models, but not all. It is compatible with the iPod classic, iPod with video (5G), and the three generations of iPod nano. Unfortunately it is not compatible with the new iPod touch or with older iPod models.

The iPod Radio Remote comes in a small cardboard box black and covered in clear plastic. The box can be hung from a display and to view the radio remote control and headphones that are hooked on the front of the box. The clear plastic covering the box is struck by what it costs quite removed.

The iPod Radio Remote is composed of a small control that is rectangular. On the front controls are located on a wheel instead of being sensitive to the touch like the iPod only has buttons. The center button is used to start and stop playback and to turn the iPod (hold). At the wheel are four buttons, pressing left or right switches to the next or previous song, and pressing the wheel up or down increases or decreases the volume.