IPod touch recently completed its first year of life, and Apple released the first update to this device. This second-generation iPod touch (2G) is not radical changes but incorporates some improvements resulting mainly from the iPhone. The iPod touch also reduces its price making it more competitive with other brands of players and positions it as an option to the iPod classic that seems to be being neglected by Apple. With these new prices on iPod touch is pretty close to the initial cost of the iPhone and makes it an excellent choice for many users who do not wish to be tied to an expensive contract.

With the new Apple iPod touch leaves the carton elegant black color used for the original iPod touch and for the first time on an iPod for this price takes a clear plastic box similar to that used for the iPod nano and iPod shuffle . The plastic box is small, with rounded edges and can see perfectly to the iPod touch that is inside.The housing consists of two halves joined by two thin transparent adhesive. In the half that is located on the front the iPod touch is held in place by bracket.

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Using a small plastic box of this kind will surely reduce the costs of packaging and storage at Apple.In addition, such boxes can see the iPod are very attractive when they are on the shelves of business or in vending machines that are increasingly common in stores and airports in many countries.On the iPod screen is stuck a sticker with a color print that simulates the startup screen of the iPod touch when lit. The sticker is easily removed and leaves no residue on the iPod screen.

The back half of the box is inside a box of white paper printed with gray. To the sides are printed logo and the phrase Apple iPod touch. At the top is the ability of the iPod and the back is a description of the content, requirements and other information related to the iPod touch.