The iPod nano has come a long way since its introduction five years ago in September 2005. This year Apple has decided that instead of offering an iPod nano based on the previous model with some improvements as it had done so far gives us a completely new iPod nano and different to what we knew.

The new iPod nano sixth generation (6G) is small, very small, and changed its click wheel for a multi-touch screen like the iPod touch. With these radical changes have also sadly lost some of the features of the previous version of the camcorder and the ability to play videos.

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The 6G iPod nano is available in 6 colors: silver, graphite, blue, green, orange and pink, in addition to the Apple website you can get the iPod nano PRODUCT (RED) red. The sixth-generation iPod nano comes in two versions, one with 8GB and one with 16GB The iPod comes in a small clear plastic box whose shape is almost a cube but has some of its edges rounded. The housing consists of two parts, a top half is smaller and where is located the iPod nano, and a body found in the headphones and other accessories inside a cardboard box white.