The Moserbaer MBIK42FHD is a 42-inch full HD LCD TV coming in an all¬black glossy body supported on an oval black glossy stand. Looks wise there is nothing striking about the TV as it has a very standard design with glossy bevel running around the edges and the speaker sec¬tion spread out on the lower side. It has a range of connec¬tivity options like two HDMI ports, two S-video ports, one USB port, one VGA port etc. Also the USB port can only play images and music off a pen drive, no video.
User interface of the TV is really bad with very lim¬ited functionalities.

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USB mode does not segregate the images and music, and you have to use the remote to go individually to the folder, which is annoying. Remote control is of very poor quality, infact it has two extra but¬tons which serve no purpose. The DisplayMate tests gave poor results. 256-bit black to white ramp showed a definite greenish and yellowish tinge towards the black end. Reverse text test was poor. Only the 256¬bit colour ramp was somewhat better to look at. Spyder3Elite gave a very high white luminance at 370.8 cd/mA2 and poor blacks. HD movie viewing really brings out the poor blacks in the TV. We noticed a high amount of backlight bleeding in com¬pletely darkness.

Low light scenes tended to be very grainy. There is prominent banding in dark scenes. Text readability was quite poor. The panel also tends to heat up within 20-30 mins of TV viewing, which is not desirable. It is available at an economical price point of ~49,990. Ideally we would not recommend this TV as its output is not up to the marie