BenQ has unveiled the MP780ST short-throw WXGA DLP projector.
A PointDraw system with interactive pen distinguishes the MP780ST by eliminating the costs and hassles of buying a separate interactive board and speakers, maximising usage of valuable classroom wall space.

Unlike other interactive pen sys¬tems, the BenQ PointDraw does not require any calibration between the system and the projected screen. Simply connect the MP780ST to a notebook or desktop computer and get ready to point, draw and create
on any plain surface-no whiteboard or screen needed.

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The MP780ST and PointDraw sys¬tem are compatible with any operating system that supports a standard USB mouse and enables easy big-screen display, integration, and sharing of virtually any software or digital content viewable on a computer monitor. The PointDraw pen features a button that works the same as the 'left' button on a mouse, and therefore allows you to perform the same functions. And for true freedom of movement, it lets you doodle up to eight metres away from the projected surface. Teachers can even record entire lessons that were drawn or written with the PointDraw pen.