It flexes your media pLayer beyond HD pLayback eagate,s FreeAgent Go Flex TV HD media player is more than just a plain old media player. It comes in a compact black plastic box having a matte finish throughout. The front panel opens to reveal a compartment wherein you can insert a Seagate GoFlex portable hard drive.

The user interface does leave you impressed. It has a three nice rows of menus which makes navigation a breeze. The top most segment comprises the regular Movies, Music, Pictures, Internet and Browse menus arranged horizontally with each menu represented by an icon. Internet widgets section comprising You Tube, Flickr, Video Feeds, MediaFly; vTuner etc. The third and final segment comprises

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Specifications Socket: AM3 Chipset: AMD 890FX Memory type: DDR3 PC Ie x16/PCI: 5/1 SATA/e-SATA: 8/2 Bundled features: Blue¬tooth v2.0,v2.1 + EDR, ROG Connect,Probelt kit, Crossfire cable. all the various connectors to the GoFlex TV with connected devices highlighted. non - QWERTY keyboard on the screen is a big pain to type on using the remote. It took around 24 seconds to get to the main home page after we switched on the GoFlex TY. The video quality was brilliant. There was no skipping. Only when it comes to the Internet videos, the speed can really enhance or com¬pletely ruin your video viewing experience. Using the virtual

We feel that ~6,900 is a bril¬liant price point for its features and performance. It is ideal for movie enthusiasts who have a drive full of movies across file formats, and intend on watching it on big screens. Also the internet streaming options will leave net junkies happy.