For the past 70 years there's been one grand master of the spherical speaker and that's Elipson, a pioneer in this technology which has been replicated by countless audio manufacturers but all lacking the Elipson charm. Their speakers usually carer to the ordinary citizen and corne in various shapes and sizes for all sorts of purposes. However, that doesn't make them any less important than the big fellas especially since the release of their flagship hi-end pair called the 4260.

Standing at a little under 5 feet, the 4260s look like the culmination of every designing principle Elipson has thought up over the past 70 years. To say that they look dazzling is like saying the Mona Lisa has depth, it's far far beyond just that. The large sphere housing the tweeter and mid-range driver sits at the very top of the otherwise conventional yet very well finished cabinet. The cabinet itself curves around the back to take care of all that internal cabinet resonance and the finish of the cabinet can be in either lacquered black for a mat white front baffle/sphere or vice versa. The contrast between the black and white gives the towers a sporty look while the metal strip running down the back panel brings the hi-end aesthetics back into perspective.

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The sphere houses a I" Scan-Speak neodymium magnet tweeter with a resonant chamber and multiple resonators and an 8" mid-range drivet. The bass driver is a massive IS" one and both the mid-range and bass units are PHL Audio drivers that operate with the help of a paper cone and magnetic ring for flux demodulation. Paper cones are great way of getting out quick frequencies at high accuracy. Together, the speakers can churn out as low 31Hz and as high as 40kHz. The bass enclosure does its own bit in delivering the lower end via its bass reflex port and by the looks of it, the enclosure seems to be built like a subwoofer tank. Also, by separating the midrange/tweeter and the bass units from each other via the sphere, a lot of internal cabi net distortion that can arise from the lower frequencies is nullified.

The speaker terminals can be bi-amped thanks to the two pairs of speaker terminals on the bottom of the cabinet. It's been kept as low on the back panel as possible so as not to Jet the wire hang loose and ugly from the terminals. The speakers are majestic and their 125kg weight would be a good place to start while judging just how majestic they are. They need a kingdom to be heard at their fullest capacity otherwise that 250W of power they can belt out will be going to waste. The specifics of their performance is somethi ng yet to be heard by us and we are waiting for an opportunity to head over to their demo room to have an extended listening session. Till then, just looking at the images of these kings is sufficient to get us through the day.