Short for Windows CE, it is an embedded OS developed by Microsoft for use in specialised devices t's going to be winter soon, perfect time for a road trip! And what better companion to take along than Mapmylndia's newest PND, the Vx240? Apart from navigation, the Vx240 also boasts of some cool and useful features such as music and video playback, Bluetooth handsfree and support for a reverse camera.

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The touch-enabled 4.3*inch screen is great for map-viewing, while the 2-gig internal memory comes in handy for storing media. You can use the SD card slot to add more if required. Of course, the functionality of any PND depends on how detailed the maps are, and Mapmylndia excels here. Covering 809 Indian cities, the :It-powered Vx240 features the latest house-level maps - actually letting you search by the house address. This feature currently works only for Delhi, Mumbai and Chandigarh, but this should be available for other cities soon.

As expected, the navigation is quite accurate, the device locking on to the satellites in a Jiffy. You can zoom in and out of the map, drag it around, mark points as destinations or as favourites. Millions of POI's are under your fingertips, and the updated search narrows down options as you type on the onscreen QWERTY. The house search feature works decently well. Do note that the numbering convention used for house addresses on the maps may be different than the one you're searching for, but it can get you close enough to the desired location and you can drag and zoom to find what you want. With so much functionality on offer, the other features are but a great bonus.