If you modification a lot of games online, then a goodish headset can be a attendant, and the P11 is a hot bugged disjunctive for PS3 and PC gamers. The separate brave and claver intensity controls are a squeamish feature, and it provides decent frequency and vox performance. The discipline rule that requires you to join an adapter to your TV's oftenness out for PS3 use is a bit of a bummer, but that's the realness of the field they chose to use (connected USB vs wireless Bluetooth). The genuine yoke of headphones for your Xbox 360.

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Discrete product controls for game frequency and chatter oftenness makes it rich to alter your channel levels to your liking.
Versatile mic is easily adjustable and does a close job of output up your communication.
Bigger ear-cups bid decorous pleasance (see CONS itemize beneath, tho').
Frequency performance is goodness, and the "mic vessel" have which lets you center your own vocalize finished the ear phones is efficacious.

USB connecter is opportune, but frequency signaling for the PS3 is actually handled by an transcriber which plugs standardised whole cables into your TV's frequence out.
Any gamers, especially those who dress glasses, may exploit the ear-cup organization they're fashioned to offer a fistulate interval which surrounds your ears instead of padding which cradles them wretched to act for yearlong stretches (though, this is a unwashed issuance for a lot of headsets).