A classic among classics,Wesc Bongois areal institution.Available in a multitude of colors and patterns, thevarious discussions about it before the show as a beautiful objectbefore it is a good helmet.But if so many people seem overwhelmed bythis accessory, the sound must necessarily be a reason, right?Or atleast should not hamper the design argument and let sail alone.Checkthat right now do not forget to properly present the beast.

Swedish group of friendly riders becomereckless leader of a revolution in the landscapeaudionomad.Themovement was ready this for years.He bided his time, leaving thegiants Germans, Japanese and Americans continue to share only a cakestill skinny.Growing up, of course, but mostly left to a fringeaudiophile.Then in an instant everything was packed.

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The Scandinavian school no longer hadto prove anything in this field, its century of experience assured usa total success, based on retro design, clean lines, light weight.Weare the Superlative Conspiracy, and opened his line of headphones,the success was very rapid, the brand becomes an icon of the retrotrend of the helmet, leaving Monster in a sphere more futuristic andfinancially elite.