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    Every now and then the boys at DLS send over speakers that they feel will blow our minds. More times than not, their speakers actually manage to do just that. There is a real sense of power in a pair of DLS floorstanders and that can be seen in the way they look and the way they sound. We knew for a fact this same quality would be present in their M60 bookshelf speakers, even though they cater to the hi-fi monitor speaker segment. The aluminium will never be quite as quick as a paper cone woofer but it offers plenty on the side of excursion extents that makes up for speed. The voice-coils are low weight aluminium while the drivers sit in a cast basket. As for the cabinet, it possesses double baffles and is slightly angled to eliminate the phase effects that happen within the cabinet. This could've also been solved with a curved cabinet but then these speakers wouldn't be looking as sharp as they ought to. At the same time, since DLS is all about power management, they've got the bass driver and the tweeter mounted on extra solid fixings to handle the power transmission. This explains the weight, which will also keep the bookshelf speakers in place.


    The cabinet design of the DLS M60 makes them stand out when lined up alongside the rest of the bookshelf speakers we reviewed this month. Needless to say, they look and feel like they were built to handle frequencies that most other bookshelf speakers are scared of, which makes their 12kg weight all the more justifiable. The rosewood piano finished pair that we got looked fantastic; not just in the box, but out of it too, once we'd set it up on black bookshelf stands. The front baffle has been given a silver finish to add a break to the glossy look and it works well here.

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    When it comes to bass, there really isn't anything that gets lower than these guys, which are in fact rated at 48Hz. We dropped in a Nitin Sawhney mix CD that's really one long mix lasting over 20 minutes, and we got to hear some really impressive bass sections. Not only can these bookshelf speakers make you believe that there's a tight subwoofet backing them, they can also give you extremely precise and transpatent lower frequencies akin to their bigger M66 brothers. You can clearly hear the entire depth of the cabinets the lows take up all that space in there to propel themselves outwards with more thrust. The same depth can be heard in the mids too, as the 'alaaps' are given time to breathe in the mix, finally swelling the soundstage with.


    The drivers you see once the grilles come off are a 6.5" silver-coned woofer and a 28mm soft-dome tweeter. They have been taken right off the DLS M66 floorstanders along with the slanted cabinet design. The drivers themselves pack a very advanced magnetic system and aluminium diaphragms for rigidity and power handling.
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