These have to be one of the largest set of headphones we've ever seen, and as is evident from the moniker, are designed both for gaming and communication. Utilising an open-eared design, the heavily-padded headphones come with a boom microphone that folds under the headband when not in use. Unique is the dual connectivity option standard analogue plugs if you want to plug them into your soundcard directly, or the USB connectivity module to connect them to the USB port of your PC or laptop.

The latter works plug-and-play on Windows and is especially useful if you have an older soundcard or for laptops. It also enables virtual 7.1 surround sound. The inline volume controls are quite convenient. The mic features noise cancellation and drowns out ambient noise, but the ear cups themselves do let sound in because of their open design. So gamers who want to be totally immersed in their games might be a tad disappointed.

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The sound quality, overall, is great. and not only for games. They work well for music and movies as well, though we would have liked our bass to be served punchier than what these offer. Otherwise, the sound is clear and the treble is crisp. The surround sound also doesn't come across as natural, though it does make the aural experience richer. Not audiophile-grade but worth a listen.