Panasonic TX-P50VT30 resolved imageswith 1920 x 1080 dot resolution on its screen aspect ratio of 16:9and uses its ability to generate sub-600 Hz frequency which occurs inconjunction with Intelligent Frame Creator Pro for even greaterfluidity in moving images typical of sports content and actionmovies. The native contrast ratio of 5000000:1 and is none other thanthe viewing angle is not binding on the screen with plasmatechnology. The TV can also boast of a THX certification for both 2Dimages for 3D. The most common ways to optimize images, such as gamesor movies, it also adds calibrated by the users according to criteriaapproved by ISFE (Image Science Foundation).

The chassis of the Panasonic TX-P50VT30has a mirrored surface piercing black and angular shapes. The panelhas a thickness of 37 mm, the body of 5 cm. Measure height and width,respectively, 120 and 73 cm. The measures, however, including thebase are 120 x 76 x 33.5 cm.

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Panasonic TX-P50VT30 is sold with thebase table that allows 10 degrees of rotation in both directions.Useful thing, since we are still talking about a TV of some weight,though not comparable to the plasma of a few years ago. Are optionalwall bracket and the CAM for viewing pay channels. They are, however,included adapter to connect the Wireless LAN and two pairs of 3Dglasses.

The integrated Wireless LAN connectionallows access for those with an Internet connection, cloud-basedservices to Viera Connect.Panasonic TX-P50VT30 allows you to recordprograms, or pause, by connecting an external hard drive. It 'alsohas the usual electronic program guide, even the multi-window displaymode Picture and Picture and Viera Link, from the remote control ofcompatible devices.