Google has brought the wraps off itslong-bruited augmented reality glasses project, officially dubbed"Project Glass." A conception video, titled "Oneday...," shows how Google's glasses might work. In the video,the user performs undertakings generally managed by smartphones, suchas scheduling meetings, clicking pictures, examining the weather,acquiring directions, and placing a video call. The informationeasily vibrates in the user's field of view, and the interface iscontrolled by voice or other inputs.Theseglasses have a small second screen--presumably for the video outputover one of the lenses, on an additional thick arm that broadens rearto the ear.

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"We are contributing thisinformation now because we require to begin a conversation and learnfrom your valuable input," they wrote. "Therefore webrought a some design photos to display what this technology couldseem like and created a video to demonstrate what it might enable youto do."
This is the first time Google haspublicly admitted its augmented reality glasses project. In month ofFebruary, the New York Times depicted that Google was planning torelease the glasses later this year. In the Google+ review , the labis mentioned to like "Google[x].

While the Google+ post frames the videoas well as photos like plans of what the technology "may"do, the New York Times reports that Google will be testing prototypesin the coming months." It is unclear if a product release ishowever with track for the end of the year, like lastly reported.