Yes, we agree that there was a time when closet -sized hi-fi was cool but then again, there was also a time when curtains were used as pants, Keeping in tune with the research that they're known for, Harman/Kardon engineers have come up with an elegant solutionthat doesn't make your living space look like a shipping yard and yet manages to sound better than the 0l' file-cabinet hi-fi system.

Separating the amplifier from the processor, they have managed to maintain the high sound quality the brand stands for and the avant garde cabinet holds a CD player, USB 2.0 host, Alarm clock and capacitive controls instead of ugly buttons, The trick speakers use a waveguide tweeter that shapes the dispersion of the sound and ensures uniform performance for everyone in the room, something not even more expensive systems guarantee of! While 65-watts per channel might not sound like a lot for the Rolling Stone live tour crew member, for us, it works just fine.

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