The iPod Nano obtains new model with innovative 4th Generation design. This newest models goes back to the 2nd generation upright form factor rather than the squarish figure of the last generation. It does, however, keep the bigger screen and video abilities from the iPod Nano 3rd-generation.

Being vertical, you’d have to revolve the iPod to one side to properly view videos. But integral accelerometer creates short function of rotating the screen hence. When playing music, rotating the iPod Nano also mechanically mentions the Cover View. While strictly similar dimensions as the 2nd-generation Nano, the new iPod Nano have a sleek curled body that builds the sides feels yet slimmer. The screen cover also obtains curved, but doesn’t effect real LCD.

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Next to the auto-rotating characteristic, the new iPod Nano also acquires shake-shuffling to randomize your track. Scrolling and navigating is excellently smooth, with yet the transitions to Cover View having no skips or stutters.

The final new characteristic is the Genius function that you might have observe from the newest iTunes. Genius essentially generates playlists for you derived from what you’re presently listening to; it seems that being able to recognize the style and tempo of the music. The new dollar-per-gig ratios create iPods more reasonable than yet, with aptitudes up to 16GB.

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