Many peoplecomplain about the same old scenarios in video games.This fantasy, asscience fiction, maybe a little bit of war and one or the othergangster ballad - boring!WithAlice: Madness Returnsnow appears atitle that its unusual setting out from the crowd stands out.In thewacky action-adventure that is you go into a dark version of LewisCarroll's famous Wonderland.

Since originally released for the PConly previous American McGee's Alice is past eleven years - both inreality and in the game.By their experiences in Wonderland Alice ismore mentally disturbed, not in a mental hospital, but is still intreatment from a psychiatrist.This is sorely needed, because theirdark visions return.Repressed memories can suspect the young woman,she might have caused the fire that killed her whole family was yearsago.

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It comes, as it must: the imaginationout of hand, and Alice leaves much like the main character in themovie "Sucker Punch" reality.The Wonderland of her ownimagination is far from a cozy spot.An eerie decay spreads out andturned this once happy country into a nightmarish place.Here, Alicehas to deal with dangerous enemies, jumping passages and not leastthe completely crazy people bother haired, gradually to the puzzle oftheir lost memories together and true background of the terrible fireuncover.