The First Templarlooks like a classicaction game with a hint of RPG element, which in cooperation betweenthe two protagonists of the adventure, the French Templar Celiana andthe faithful companion Rolland and brutal, its distinctive feature.Inour wanderings through the winds stage game, we will be engaged bothin the Holy Land, in cities like Acre, in European locations, as inthe case of the French countryside, our heroes find their path isobstructed by waves of "infidels "firmly opposed to theTemplars and the Church is the Church itself, as the Holy Inquisitionclaim the Grail itself.

The structure of the game is verylinear and the player is accompanied step by step through thesequence of events with no possibility of taking alternativeroutes.The stages of the game follow this same philosophy, presentingto them a few branches and providing a small amount of secret areasor other open world.

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The combat system, rather than immediateand simplified, including the usual fast attacks but a little morepowerful and effective attacks loaded, the execution time longer.Ifyou're playing in single player mode, you can switch at any time fromone character to another by pressing the right-back, in order toexploit the different characteristics of the heroes of war, otherwiseit will be a friend of ours to take control.