Here, four hundred years reigned longpeace, joy and pancakes.But then the king was assassinated, and theinfluential 10thLegion, once respected protector of the country,accused of murder.And by the charismatic Jeynes Kassynder and theirfollowers who incited the people who eventually rose and massacredthe Legion along with their magnificent houses and mansions.Kassyndercontrolled since a large part of the country and aspires to thethrone on which sits at the moment, the young queen Rosyln.Now theLegion of reports under the leadership of the old Odo back, androunds up the descendants of the original Legionnaires Kassynder tostop them.You should have chosen one of the free, the Ehb from thebondage of the extremely dangerous woman: Of course!

When the game starts you have to decidefor you, one of four pre-fabricated characters.Are classes in thereal sense it inDungeon Siege 3is not.Instead, the choice ofcharacter determines automatically whether you draw a meleeMontbarron Lucas, Archon Anjali, Arcane Mage Reinhart Manx or weaponsexpert Katarina adventure.

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Each character has its ownbackground story and can be individually integrated into the story,which is an action role-playing pleasantly deep and typical of goodand evil scheme is different.Have you decided and chose one of threedifficulty levels, you go off even without further ado, and it nowdraws from the off in two zoom levels, customizable view of pursuers.