Epic's lead designer of Gears of War 3, Cliff Bleszinski is in an interview with project co-ordinator clear that he at all to love Gears of War series is not wish that the series will be the sole heir to the game developer.Right now, anyone working in Epic Games' Gears of War on 3, but then you'll see how it goes.

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"I'm already itching for a while now in the fingers [a new project to address].When we finished Unreal Tournament presented, I wanted to make another game.It's about getting the opportunity and then find out how they do it. "So BleszinskiCliff Bleszinski has always been the key figure behind the Gears of War series and expressed in a recent interview with the websitedigitalspy.co.ukto its strong attachment to the brand: "If I stay for the rest of my life just because a damn chainsaw gun in mind, I drink a bottle of whiskey and put a gun in my mouth."