NHL 2K10 provides the user with avariety of game modes rather different in their substance: Playoffs,Season, Mini-Rink, and the inevitable online multiplayer Shootout. Inthe playoffs we are to play the latest games of a season, with theaim to win them all to take home the coveted trophy. Choosing theSeason we have the task of controlling the whole team and everythingthat orbits around it, both as regards the tactical decisions thatthe financial and market moves. Each team sets goals earlier in theseason, and it is our duty to ensure that these are realized, ourstrategy must be adapted depending on the deductible you choose tocaptain.

The mode called Mini-Rink takes placeon tracks and allows us to play imaginative games 3 against 3, whileone called Shootout gives us the opportunity to show the public thepower of shots of our athletes. In this mode, in fact, two teams lineup in rows on the ice rink and, in turn, each member performs a shoton goal: of course he won the team scoring the most points.

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Finally, the sector can playmultiplayer online exhibition games, tournaments, and customizableclassified. In all modes listed above can participate in either oneof the many NHL teams of the league officers with a created entirelyby us, the Team Editor provides us with an endless choice of optionsto customize the rose, such as different models for the uniform logosand a lot of helmets, and several unlockables in the game continuing.