The developer BioWare attaches great importance to ensuring that thefighting in the RPG Mass Effect 3 are as varied as possible anddemanding. This goes at least from an interview show with the twodesigners Christina Norman and Corey Gaspur. According to theirstatements, the AI will be revised almost every day. The programmerswant to improve something about it constantly and you have alreadyinvested much time in it. They also have much work to do. It wouldmake the enemy complex, endowing them with different behavioralpatterns and let them react to the current situation.

In Mass Effect 2 we have focused mainly on possible types of enemiesin the cool Single. In Mass Effect you can see the three enemiesrather than a group of individual units and their respective roleswithin the group. One can compare this best with a chess game. Ajumper and a runner, for example, work together in other ways like aknight and a rook.

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Opponents such as the Cerberus Troopersare elite units that can do everything that Shepard can. So you fightagainst a force that is much more dangerous and smarter than before.The game will be intense - "even on the normal difficultysetting."