The development studio id in the course of an official press release new information about the fair QuakeCon 2011 has announced. Accordingly, the opening address by John Carmack is held, who co-founded id Software, and currently as a Technical Director working on new engines, to be Another site is Todd Howard, who works at the Bethesda Game Studios as a game director and the role-playing game The Elder Scrolls V: Hot Pursuit is the first time presenting to an audience. Chris Rhinehart similar offers (Project Lead in the Human Head Studios), who is also the first time Prey 2 will play live in front of the audience.

If you want to create yourself as a visitor to hand, you can do in show business. There, the first-person shooter will rage from the Design Director Matt Hopper presented. Various play stations give visitors the opportunity to try the end-game itself. QuakeCon will take place from the 4th held until 7 August 2011 at the Hilton Anatole, Dallas. Admission is free. Anyone who wants to participate in the large-BYOC LAN party (Bring Yor Own Computer), have to get on the official website to register QuakeCon.