This he confirmed in a video interview with the English video game sitegamers . Accordingly, the PC at this time the consoles in terms of technical possibilities is clearly superior. And this is nothing new, according to Rein, "The PC has always been the most important cutting-edge platform." One should never forget that every game is being developed on a PC. "The PC will continue to always be the platform will be made at the game"

Looks clean in the PC the opportunity to show the future: "With a PC you can simulate the future - you can plug into a PC hardware enough to show how future games will look like on consoles." This Epic Games did with the Samaritan Unreal demo is trying to achieve, which was published in the course of this year's GDC. "The tech demo was a kind of love letter to the hardware manufacturer. We imagine that the games of the future will look like this. If you look one or two years into the future, may be the hardware for such a demonstration, the standard specification system for players. " Pure hope that manufacturers look at the demo console and try to reach a similar experience with their consoles.