That the CryEngine 3 is very powerful, did not last the first-person shooter Crysis 2 demonstrated. According to developer Crytek is even the best engine that is currently available.This at least the CEO Cevat Yerli said in aninterview with Develop magazine.

According to his testimony was that of the CryEngine engine, to which one thinks, when it came to the games-development of the next generation. It is currently the only engine on the planet who would be working to 100 percent in real time. Many people would be there often underestimate how important it was, 100 percent real-time to have.

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They also mentioned Yerli on the spread of CryEngine 3 to speak.Accordingly, we would support any conceivable platform, which plays in the games industry has an important role. As examples, he mentioned among others as support for Microsoft Kinect and U Wii .

Crytek recently announced that it had sold 40 licenses of the CryEngine.However, only very few projects have been announced, which rely on this technique. They have sold the licenses to both publishers and independent developers.