The graphics are initially somewhatsober, but after a while you notice the small but crucial detailsthat make the top spin to a real tennis experience. Over time, catchthe tennis players to sweat and sandy ground, the dirty clothesgradually, which gives the player a realistic impression. Even theanimations are fluid and the great tennis players, like Nadal,Federer and Boris Becker recognizes the player easily. Avery specialexperience is the living room-tennis match with a 3D-compatibleglasses and television, because then see the rally of more realisticand the player feels almost like the real place.

Much more difficult and complex,however, is the career mode, which makes top spin to a real tennisgame. First, a player creates their own, of course, can be adjustedexternally as required. With this character, the player now has toplay tournaments, for which he receives experience points, which inturn are required for next Level.

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After each level, climb the player mustdecide which of the three basic types of games baseline offensive,defensive baseline or serve and volley to be improved, thus improvingthen individual attributes such as charge, power or speed.This allowsthe player to customize his character to any style of play andcustomize. In addition, coaches are set, then set the specific tasks,like "40 well-timed blow ups" or "Game 50 placedblows." Fulfills these tasks, the player gets his characterspecial abilities. Over time, the opponents are of course better andthe game so difficult.