As part of Comic Con, the creators of Spider-Man: Edge of Time itbegins with a bang: Miguel O'Hara, Spider Man of the Future from theyear 2099 looks like Peter Parker, Spider Man dies first. This hasimplications for the future rabid -. Instead of a bright, welcomingNew York is the scene gloomy and oppressive Spider-Man 2099 is butone way in which it can communicate with Peter Parker in the past andtogether they must find a solution, as the death of Peter to beprevented and the story takes its proper course.

A large part of the story revolvesaround time travel that is, more specifically, the cooperationbetween the two spinning hero, almost a hundred years apart. Themakers have this information after one of their brand newcause-and-effect system. Thus, for instance, as Peter Parker, whofights in a laboratory that has Spider-Man 2099 in future issues withcertain experiments. The logical conclusion: Peter must destroy theexperiments in the past, so that Miguell O'Hara progresses.

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Of course, the two spiders also meetother friends from the Spider-Man universe. For example, Mary Jane ison board, she is voiced by Laura Vandervoort (aka Supergirl inSmallville) is spoken. Spider-Man 2099 meets regularly on Black Cat,spoken by Katee Sackhoff, better known as Starbuck in BattlestarGalactica. And the villain, Walker Sloan is the highest caliber, theorganizers were able to win as Val Kilmer spokesman.