The T-shirt-collar,his throat constricted one, even the entire room issuddenly too tight.The questioner is Katherine, his caring, butclinging girlfriend ,with whom he leads a relationship for years.Themid-thirties and is unhappy with his role within thepartnership.Katherine is slow expected more loyalty from himready.Vincent is so torn between his desire for independence, thenagging girlfriend and of course. Another wifeCatherine is actuallyjust a fancy bar acquaintance, next to Vincent wakes up onemorning.She pulls the undecideds me anything you nothing but theirspell and so begins a more tangible relationship nightmare thatexisted in this form before in a video game.

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The main element of the game areCatherine of dream sequences in which Vincent climbs with pink polkadot under bushes, sheep horns, and a pillow in her arms towers quitebizarre.Here we have to do with the protagonist always verticalheight well to avoid being detected by the approaching nightmare fromthe pit structures.The dream towers are divided into cubes segmentsthat we move to create staircase, can climb the Vincent.The puzzleelement is costing us because of the strict time limits at the firstPreview much nervous, but this is tempered by the rest of thegame.Catherine pulls his incredible potential that is out of thestory of the troubled, indecisive Vincent, who gets entangled betweentwo women in more and more contradictions.