How Darksider seven Darksiders 2a pure single player titles have.At aco-op mode, which is indicated at the end of Darksiders 1, fans waitat least for part 2 of the series in vain.There are severalreasons.Inan interview with IGNsays the Game Director Donald MarvinDarksiders 2:"We wanted one with Darksidershave a multiplayer mode.

But it would have to make itpractically four games."Death" (the main character inDarksiders 2 - editor's note) alone has already 800-1000 phases andthe animation are all unique.One of the advantages when you'reworking with Joe Madureira, so that it comes with really greatcharacters who have all but completely different proportions, so thatthe animations can not interchange.

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We want to play [the four horsemen ofthe apocalypse] different, so we need time to design the charactersindividually. This does not mean that we now publish only four gamesand then a fifth, with co-op mode.I hope the next one has alreadyco-op but it depends on how many resources we have, what budget, andwhether Darksiders 2 sold well."

Darksiders After 2 thus appear to atleast two more games Darksiders, the remaining Horsemen dispute andanger as the main characters have.