Nintendo's handheld Nintendo 3DS, afterjust four months on the market soon much cheaper.The hardware vendorhas announced that the 3DS already from 12 August in the U.S. for169.99 U.S. dollars instead of the current for 249 U.S. dollars willbe available. In Japan, the price falls back on 11 for 3DS Augustfrom 25,000 yen to 15,000 yen. In Europe, the 3DS in the context ofthe "global price-cutting initiative" cheaper. How muchexactly will not betray Nintendo - Nintendo talks about a pricereduction to "about one-third," the 12th August. Currentlycosts between 199 € the 3DS and 219 €. .We expect a suggestedretail price of 130-150 € in mid-August , the president of Nintendoof America, Reggie Fils-Aime said the price cut: "For everyonewho was still undecided whether he should buy a Nintendo 3DS, Nowthat a big motivation to strike.

Nintendo has considered a strategy toattenuate the possible outrage at the early discount for those whohave already purchased the 3DS to the original price. In theso-called "3DS Ambassador Program" (3DS Ambassador program)will receive all who already have a 3DS or until the price reductionon 12 August to buy one game classic gift.

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Who with his 3DS up to and includingthe 11th August in Nintendo eShop logs receives the first September,a package of 10 free NES Virtual Console games (including Super MarioBros., The Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong Jr.).These are for themajority of the players available until later. be the end of 2011hosted a series of games for the Game Boy Advance Virtual Consolewill appear, including Yoshi's Iceland, Super Mario Advance 3, MarioKart, Metroid Fusion uvw.