The development of Splash Damage have a date for the initial downloadadd-on from the first-person shooter Brink announced. According to anofficial press release with the extension "Agents of Change"published on 3 August 2011. The publication will initially runthrough Steam and Xbox Live, PlayStation owners have to wait a daylonger.

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As compensation for the slightly bumpystartBrink of the DLC "Agents of Change," the first twoweeks after release is offered free of charge.Download the Add-Onprovides in addition to two new maps (Oklahoma City and labs), newweapons essays. In addition, each of the four classes, a new life:soldiers can also throw napalm grenades, agents get a UAV radarengineers so-called pyro-mines and Medics a "Field Rain Unit,"which can be placed anywhere un the living generation of all adjacentallies increased. There is also a cross-class ability called "Tacticscanner," through which the active buffs of the opponent aredisplayed.